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image & dialogue | June 26, 2017

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image & dialogue


Creating links,
and trust

Our “Consultancy and Study” Department assists companies, institutions, regional authorities and their managers in:

  • Defining and implementing their communication strategies and their relationships with stakeholders;
  • Global positioning;
  • Handling a crisis situation.

image & dialogue group’s consultants stand out by their expertise in various areas, including sociological, entrepreneurial, technological or public domains. They design strategies in communication, positioning, product launch, change management or crisis situations.

1. Advising

An expert in image and opinion surveys, Cyrille Dupré-Gazave heads the “Research” Department. Her team sources and reviews new quantitative and qualitative methodologies on-line as well as off-line. They also identify new available platforms to analyse digital conversations, community cartographies, identify influencers,… This on-going monitoring policy enables image & dialogue group to offer its clients the most efficient methodologies in image and reputation management.

image & dialogue group can thus recommend ground-breaking disposals in the fields of influence communications, community development or integration.

2. Creating

Design & production department, includes a design and graphic studio, which enables the group to propose creative solutions for print as well as audio-visual and digital.

Headed by Arnaud Richard, the Web & Mobile department designs and produces web sites, digital ecosystems, community platforms, mobile applications as well as on-line innovating communication or traffic generation campaigns.

Involving digital pioneers as well as natives, this department developed strong competencies in the conception of training seminars and social media guidelines to assist companies and their teams in their digital transition. image & dialogue group also offers trainings to assist managers and Board Members in digital change management strategies.

3. Implementing

3. Committing

Creation of sustainable links with – internal or external –stakeholders calls for activating and managing off-line or on-line relations with relevant audiences (‘community management’) as well as efficient contents/services (‘brand content’).

image & dialogue group developed a specific methodology to monitor conversations between the various publics; it is based upon CRM platforms. Headed by Jean-François Cancel, this department is responsible for content, influence or crisis communication platforms development. In addition, Sandrine Boutot is responsible for media relations for image & dialogue group’ clients.

Within this Content & Community department, a specific attention is paid to detecting, anticipating and managing crisis situations and opinion risks.

An on-line and off-line activity combined with a precise influencers’ cartography allow to identify weak signals announcing a potential crisis, to prepare counter-attack strategies and to measure results on a quantitative and qualitative basis.

This department also advises clients in the creation of crisis teams and tailor-made processes, crisis manuals and time-saving documents: “statements”, “Qs & As”, “sound-bytes”, etc.

Finally, the organization and its members’ reactiveness are tested through simulation and role-play exercises. These sessions are often coupled with training sessions, e.g. media training or coaching.

A strong
digital culture.

At the end of the 80’s, image & dialogue group associates have placed digital economy at the forefront of their expertise, especially with the creation of reputed companies in digital arena, e.g. DDB Interactive or Machination.
As of today, image & dialogue group is an active member of the main digital economy Think Tank in France: Renaissance Numérique.

A strong entrepreneurship culture.

image & dialogue group managers have a strong track-record in their entrepreneurs’ initiatives. This culture was especially forged and strengthened through very close contacts with managers’ networks’ organizations, such as Réseau Entreprendre, which Olivier Guérin is a Bureau member of.

A strong expertise for image studies and
opinion management.

Cyrille Dupré-Gazave, Associate Director of the Study Department has extensive experience in qualitative and quantitative studies. She also teaches study methodologies at Institut d’Etudes Politiques, Paris. She thus enables image & dialogue group to make analysis and image management on digital networks even more professional; as well as she helps in defining strategies including all media.
Jean-François Cancel, Associate Director, has a sound track-record in crisis management; he is able to identify weak signals and opinion risks in advance and to prepare and assist managers and spokespersons in handling sensitive situations.

A strong
international experience.

Gaining valuable expertise in their complementarities, image & dialogue group associates have solid references with international clients, such as EADS, IBM, McDonald’s, Acova, Grand Marnier, le Ministère de l’Enseignement Supérieur (Ministry of Higher Education), Procter & Gamble, Russian Railways, Mars, Bahlsen Saint Michel, Nortel, Siemens, Communautés Européennes (European Communities, DG XIII & Communication).

and collaborative methods.

In order to identify and design communication solutions meeting its clients’ needs, image & dialogue group fosters participatory processes and systematically partners with its clients in this approach. This allows creating efficient conditions to favour necessary appropriation by involved stakeholders and strengthening action plans efficiency.
Such an approach concretizes through a co-construction dynamics between image & dialogue group and its client, especially in the strategy definition phase.


image & dialogue group uses dematerialised platforms (e.g. eCairn, Radian6, Hootsuite… along with dedicated intranet, if needed). All documents as well as activities follow-up vis-à-vis target publics are available at any time by its clients.