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image & dialogue | June 26, 2017

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image & dialogue


Values lies in sustainable links
with key audiences.

Today, digital conversations have a direct and significant impact on brands’, companies’ and their managers’ image; to such an extent that these conversations can strengthen reputation or, contrarily, seriously put it at risk. In other words, “markets are conversations on the web”.

Since image is a strategic, immaterial asset, it is essential to manage it with efficient monitoring tools, strengthen it by creating sustainable links with key audiences and protect it in case of a crisis situation.

Media fragmentation and the ever-stronger impact of an opinion on the web create a paradigm shift. Today, communication must overcome a mere conviction tool and become a true space of negotiation, links’ creation and exchange.

Creating value and preference by building long-lasting relations and dialogue with all internal & external stakeholders, that is image & dialogue group’s mission.